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Stirchley Links has news of local events and information from Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum.

Stirchley Community Market: a local community-run market, selling groceries, hot food, and arts and crafts.

Stirchley Thought Exchange: an environmental art project that aims to gather the stories of residents and plants affected by physical changes in their environment.

Loaf: a social enterprise that aims to promote real food and healthy living in Birmingham, and build community through food.

South Birmingham Food Coop: a local buying group for wholefoods, store cupboard items, and eco household products.Run for and by its members on a not for profit basis with the aim of providing affordable, quality and healthy food.

Birmingham Bike Foundry: is a workers’ co-operative who promote cycling activities and recycle discarded bikes.

Another Stirchley Is Possible: a campaign group set up by local residents to oppose the planned Tesco retail development and to consult the public about what they’d like to see in Stirchley.

F***yeahstirchley: Stirchley. You know, the one that got a mention on The Archers.

Neon Nest: an online boutique selling all manner of wonderfulness, run by Zena Watt of Stirchley.

The RoadHouse: an awesome venue catering for all types of music on Lifford Lane, Stirchley.

Cakes4Life: produce lovely homemade cakes and biscuits, and run Stirchley Community Cafe.

StirchleyWines: arguably, no definitely, the best independent off-licence in Birmingham.

Stirchley Library: the library in Stirchley.

Stirchley on Wikipedia: the wikipedia entry for Stirchley.

Stirchley on Birmingham the Birmingham entry for Stirchley.

Birmingham Belly Dancing: jiggle your bits at Fitness First in Stirchley.

The Laughing Sole: funny going-ons at the British Oak comedy club.

Inhabit: pop-up arty tea room on the Pershore Road.

Friends Of The Stars: Stirchley’s very own supergroup.

Commercially Inviable Records: an artistically viable record label.

Birmingham Poetry Ultras: based in Stirchely, don’t you know?

Stirchley DIY: an obsessive photo series documenting the changes on one of Stirchley’s best-loved billboards.

Birmingham Social Centre: changing the world one free cup of tea at a time.

Asda Stirchley: changing the world one supermarket at a time.

Stirchley Prospects: there’s gold in them there memories and empty shop units.

Indoor Bowls: Stirchley has indoor bowls, for the moment, but they’ll probably end up in King’s Heath.

Stirchley History: a history of this historic place.

Sheet Metal Work: we used to make round dished pin trays, it’s true (according to this).

D.J.Norton: a man with a camera from the days when cameras really were cameras and not just phones with extra nobbins.

Suburban Birmingham: a lovely key.

Noct Offs: furniture.

Skinny’s Ink: in Stirchley and craving a tatoo? This is the place to go.

UFO sighting: 19th January 1995 was just another night, until two police officers spotted aliens in a craft the size of a doubledecker bus over Stirchley.

Stirchley But Not Stirchley

Stirchley: a twitter account called Stirchley.

Stirchley: a component settlement of the new town of Telford, Shropshire.

Stirchley Bacon: now based in Redditch.

Other Excellent Links

Stitches and Hos: a knitting night held on the last Tuesday of every month held at the Hare and Hounds pub, Kings Heath.

7 Inch Cinema: Birmingham-based cultural historians, purveyors of distinctive film events and producers of the Flatpack Festival.

We Are Birmingham: a shop selling arts and crafts created by people in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Sugarfoot Stomp: a toe-tapping evening with all your favourite hits from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Kino 10: As well as hosting various film-related events, KINO 10 is a public platform for the promotion of moving image exhibition. They also like to post interesting, weird, and funny videos for people to check out.

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