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‘The Wicker Man’ tickets on sale

October 2, 2012

This Halloween, Wednesday 31st October at 8pm, Stirchley Happenings returns to the British Oak for a Travelling Bug House film screening of ‘The Wicker Man’, the classic 1973 British horror starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee. Tickets go on sale from Stirchley Community Market on Tuesday 2nd October from 4-8pm, and after that from the British Oak, and are priced at £4/£3 concessions.


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  1. Dyanne Aslan. permalink
    October 24, 2012 5:22 pm

    I would like to express a concern re. Cooperative involvement here….They are in fact engaged in financial dealings with DWPs ‘ATOS’, now often described as the ‘killing machine’. This needs to be known about.

  2. Dyanne Aslan. permalink
    October 24, 2012 5:52 pm

    There have been 100s of posts on their facebook page expressing disapproval – and disgust at the Coop’s refusal to deal with challenges issued about this. They have blocked people from posting, and procrastinated with issuing any meaningful statement. The coop say they are ‘happy to hear people’s views’ but continue to obfuscate. Most people are not members and so cannot contribute. I would not indeed WANT to be a member given their continuing association with ATOS (employed by DWP) despite thousands of examples of cruel actions and attitudes to disabled people via the assessment process. I had wanted to move my bank account from Barclays to the Coop, but since discovering this activity in league with ATOS, I have changed my mind.

    • October 24, 2012 6:14 pm

      It’s free to become a member of Coop.

      Stirchley Happenings received a grant from the Coop to improve our community, and we work voluntarily to do this. If you think we’re doing a bad job of what we do, we’d love to hear about it. I hope you think that we do a good job though.

      However, if you have a problem with how Atos spend Coop’s money, perhaps you should contact both of those organisations. I’m not sure how you view DWP’s involvement with the Coop, it’s my understanding that both DWP and Coop have contracts with Atos, and that’s the issue? I could be wrong.

      As for local issues, the Coop has held up proceedings with Tesco wherever it could, as any business would. The new community centre is meant to replace the current one we have which will be knocked down to make way for Tesco.

      • Dyanne Aslan. permalink
        October 24, 2012 8:44 pm

        I am totally with CATC (is this allied to Stirchley Happenings?) and it is vital I am sure that you have funding to do your good work.
        I do not agree with the developments of 3 new supermarkets; that seems excessive and unnecessary. Besides which who will have the money to spend at them?! And I would rather any new developments be more thoughtfully considered in terms of what people who live in the area want and need than the ‘taking over’ of Stirchley by yet another mega-bucks TESCO monstrosity…bullying everyone in the locality into submission.
        I have valued the coop in the past & before I knew about their associations with dubious companies recently, I had sympathy with them in how all this would likely impact on their sales.
        My very serious concern with the coop is that it is allied to ATOS which in turn is maltreating the sick and causing such devastation in terms of people’s health and lives. My view is that ATOS is really the ‘fall guy’ –although it seems very cruel as well as incompetent as a private organisationin its own right. The real criminality is with DWP/our Tory government who employed and continue to employ ATOS despite so much evidence of their trail of destruction. It greatly disappoints me that the COOP is engaged in financial dealings with ATOS for this reason.
        I have corresponded at length with the COOP and had substantial interaction and active cooperation with many other unhappy objectors in challenging both.
        There has been talk of a boycott of the coop if no progress is made.
        I understand your position; it is a difficult one.
        Stirchley needs your work desperately.

  3. Dyanne Aslan. permalink
    October 24, 2012 5:59 pm

    Further, I had had some sympathy with the Coop in Stirchley regarding the new development of TESCOs and FARMFOODS, and further towards Cotteridge, ASDA. I have heard that they own what was Stirchley Friends Meeting House which presently stands derelict, and that they also own a house which will require compulsory purchase in order for the new developments to go ahead, including the transformation of Stirchley Baths.
    I have less sympathy for the coop now that I know they are engaged in financial dealings with ATOS/DWP – and that saddens me.
    From being a small child, I still remember by mother’s divi number. Unfortunately the Coop is no longer the fine example of ethical business it used to be.


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