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Walk The B30, 11:00am, Sunday 26 February

February 14, 2012

Do you fancy a ramble? If so, we invite you to join us for what is, quite possibly, Stirchley’s first conceptual art walk. The idea is pretty simple: scouring our maps we noticed that our dear old postcode (B30) was staring us right in the face, eagerly awaiting discovery on the streets of Stirchville, then we thought, what better way to celebrate this fact than by taking a saunter along its length? So, some call it psychogeography, some call it madness, but we’re calling it a chance to get out of the house and meet some other like-minded people, who are interested in taking a stroll for no other reason than to say “I walked the B30”. There is a map below showing our proposed route, starting at the corner of Maryvale Road and Pershore Road, before continuing on to Charlotte Road and taking in Elm Tree Road on the way back to completing the “B”, moving on to Hunts Road and Twynings Road via Hazelwell Lane, to make the “3”, and then progressing up Cartland Road and on to Pineapple Road before entering Brent Road, in an effort to mark the “0” by finishing at the end of Greenoak Crescent. In total, the walk will take about 60 minutes and we’ll be starting at 11:00am on Sunday 26 February. After the exertions, we’ll probably go the British Oak for a Sunday Lunch or two.

Disclaimer 1: This is not a guided walk, as such, rather we will be walking and you are cordially invited to join us.

Disclaimer 2: We know that other areas are covered by the postcode, but we think Stirchley is the best of B30 (sorry Bournville!).

Disclaimer 3: The walk is open to all, whether you live in B30, wish you lived in B30, or have a particular liking for the letter and numbers “B30”.

We hope to see you there!

Stirchley Happenings

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Walk The B30


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