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Newton Chambers Releases Stirchley Community Market Song

September 5, 2011

Dear people of Stirchley and beyond,

There is hot news this week as local musician and sunglasses-wearer, Newton Chambers, releases a song all about Stirchley Community Market. In itself, this action would be exciting enough, but there is extra unbelievableness attached as the tune is being sold in order to raise money for a new gazebo! Without gazebos, the market cannot function, so you could argue that it is necessary to buy the melodious artefact in order to secure the future of Stirchley’s most treasured event, but that might be misconstrued as blackmail, and as we don’t much like the thought of going to prison, we’ll just say “it’s really rather  good”.

The song is available for download from itunes and amazon, with hard copies (CD format!) to be found at the market.

You can read more here at the blog of Newton C: Yes please, I’d like to find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

This image is missing and will be replaced

All in aid of this ... the market, not the badge

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  1. September 6, 2011 12:55 pm

    Dear Newton,
    I am the proud owner of an actual silvery circular compact disc which when played transports the listener most magically straight to Stirchley Market; I am greatly pleased that this delight is now available through the wonder of the internet.
    with very best wishes,

    Chairman of the Ecclian Stirchley Market Support Group

    ps are you related to Stafford Chambers?

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