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It’s a Wonderful Life and the launch of Full Circle

December 16, 2010

This Sunday, 19th December, sees the Travelling Bug House arrive at Stirchley Community Church for a Christmas screening of It’s a Wonderful Life, one of our favourite films and a real Christmas tradition: and if it’s not a Christmas tradition for you yet then now’s the time to start! Jimmy Stewart was a fine actor and this was perhaps his greatest role: he plays George Bailey, who plans to make it big and quit his small town existence, but due mainly to his good nature and a little bad luck he never quite makes it as an architect or big-city-dweller or to any of the places he dreamt of as a young man. Mounting financial problems lead him to question his own existence until he encounters an angel who shows him how life would have been for his friends and family without him being there.

Our short film on Sunday will be supplied by MACE, the Media Archive for Central England, who are putting together a film of historical footage from Stirchley and the surrounding areas. This also marks the start of Stirchley Happenings’ involvement in MACE’s ‘Full Circle’ project. MACE are looking for residents’ home videos to show how the local area has changed and developed over time.  These films have the potential to open a unique window on the way we have lived our lives, and preserve the moving image heritage of the Midlands for future generations to enjoy and study. If you have any old films in your home, then come along and have a chat to Lucie from MACE, and further details of the project will appear on our website after the launch.

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